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A Complex Divorce Calls For Special Representation

Divorce can always be difficult, but it can be more complex for business owners, as well as couples who have accumulated a significant amount of assets. These complicated financial situations make the division of property exceptionally difficult during divorce.

Supported by San Antonio firm Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, LLP, Javier Oliva and Bradley Bellows are attorneys with the skill to deftly take on your unique needs, as well as the tenacity to ensure that the situation is resolved well. We work with clients in unique financial situations to ensure that their assets are protected and their family law concern is handled efficiently.

Certain Situations Make Divorce More Complicated

Because Texas is a community property state, each spouse may be entitled to half of all the couple’s assets. This can cause problems if one spouse started a business and wants to keep it.

However, it does not have to mean the worst. A good attorney will work to protect your interests before, during and after divorce proceedings, working to ensure that you maintain the assets you have worked so hard to build.

This is also true if you and your spouse have unique assets like additional homes, cars, jewelry, art or other special property. Community property can be an alarming prospect in divorce, but attorneys Oliva and Bellows are not only experienced in this area of the law, but have the energetic, aggressive approach that is sometimes necessary to fight for our clients.

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