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Establishing Child Custody That Works For You

Child custody can be among the top priorities for divorcing parents. Many parents wish to retain custody, or at least maintain the informal arrangement that they have been using to this point. However, the court does not always accept a pre-existing arrangement. Avoiding a new court-ordered arrangement that is not in your best interest requires the help of a child custody attorney who understands how courts decide custody arrangements in the first place.

Our attorneys, Javier Oliva and Bradley Bellows, are supported by established San Antonio firm Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, LLP. They utilize experience, as well as skill, gained from years of practice to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Standard Possession Order And Its Implications

While divorcing, many parents will determine an informal arrangement that makes sense for them. When it comes time to interact with the court, however, this does not work, and the court will often revert to a standard possession order.

A standard possession order (SPO) is the name for the general court-ordered custody arrangement in Texas. People sometimes think that an SPO is whatever is in the child’s best interests. However, it is actually the same in every case where it is prescribed. Because of this, the SPO may not always be the perfect arrangement for your family.

As experienced child custody attorneys, we fight for our clients to get a custody arrangement that fits their needs and desires. That can mean arguing for an expanded SPO, which gives the noncustodial parent an additional overnight with their child.  Or, it can mean arguing that your child is unsafe with the other parent and the other parent should not receive any custodial time at all. It depends on your exact situation. We take the time to sit down with you, get to know your situation and understand your goals so we can work to achieve them efficiently and effectively.

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