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Protecting Texans From DWI Charges

Driving while intoxicated can happen to anyone. It is a momentary mistake that can lead to, at minimum, issues with your ability to drive, or at maximum, years in jail and expensive fines. It is important to have representation that protects, not judges, you.

Javier Oliva and Bradley Bellows are San Antonio attorneys, backed by the resources of Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, LLP. They defend individuals facing DWI charges, combining fierce representation with extensive skill.

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A Positive Breathalyzer Result Isn’t The End Of Your Case

Being stopped for suspicion of DWI is a scary time. You might feel that you have no option but to accept the breath test or another sobriety test, and if it turns out positive, your case is done.

Under Texas’ implied consent laws, you have agreed to take a sobriety test simply by operating your car. You must take a Breathalyzer if the police officer asks it. If you refuse, your license will be revoked.

However, there is no reason to fear a Breathalyzer. A positive result doesn’t guarantee a conviction. A good DWI attorney can fight a Breathalyzer result in several ways, by developing strong defense arguments, including:

  • Entrapment
  • Involuntary intoxication
  • Improper stop
  • Improperly calibrated equipment
  • Incorrectly administered test

There are many more potential defenses even if you’ve taken a Breathalyzer and the results returned above the legal limit. Attorneys Oliva and Bellows are aggressive, energetic and tenacious in their defense of DWI clients, no matter the situation.

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