The dissolution of a marriage or partnership is hard enough but when one parent is not making their child support payments, it can be even more difficult. This can affect you and your children greatly if your ex is not making their payments on time, or at all. 

Fortunately, there are severe consequences in Texas that help incentivize noncustodial parents to keep making their child support payments. 

Penalties for not making child support payments 

According to the Texas Attorney General website, several different penalties result from not making child support payments. The following list includes actions that the Attorney General may take against your ex if he or she refuses to pay child support. 

  • Charging you ex with civil or criminal contempt of court 
  • Suspending your ex’s license. This can include a driver’s license, a professional license, or even a hunting license.  
  • Recovering lottery winnings to pay back child support 
  • Denying your ex a passport 
  • Reporting the back child support to the credit bureau agencies 
  • Filing a lien on your ex’s property to pay back child support 

If you cannot locate the noncustodial parent 

In some cases, your ex may not be reachable to you. You can still petition to enforce a child support order, however. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the Office of the Attorney General to find the noncustodial parent. Pertinent information includes the following. 

  • The last known address of your ex 
  • Places where your ex may spend their time 
  • The name and address of your ex’s employer, if known 
  • Any groups that your ex belongs to, such as clubs or organizations 
  • Your ex’s date of birth and Social Security Number 
  • Names of banks and creditors your ex belongs to 

Any other important identifying information can also aid in finding the noncustodial parent.