Establishing boundaries after a divorce is critical for people to move on and protect their well-being, but this task can be increasingly challenging if a couple’s relationship requires the need to continue communicating. For families in Texas where child custody is a frequent topic, couples may need to set aside their discontent with one another to be able to parent together.

As technology has improved, an impressive number of resources have become available for families looking to optimize communication between each other in situations where the desire to maintain a relationship may be lacking.

Communicating via technology

According to USA Today, there are some incredible apps that can provide assistance to parents who are looking for ways to collaborate when planning schedules for their children. These applications boast a variety of supports including interactive calendars, direct payment options, information storage and private messaging options for couples who wish to keep their information private from one another.

Maintaining respectful communication

While it may be tempting for people to ignore their ex and refrain from ever speaking to each other again, that outcome is simply not possible for couples who have had children together. The most effective way for people to move forward is for them to be able to shift their perception of their ex from a failed relationship partner to a loving and invested parent. Couples who are able to create healthy barriers and recognize the value of each other in the lives of their children may find that communication comes easier and is more effective.

The Parenting Place suggests that couples who have things to discuss regarding their children that could potentially create tension, consider meeting in a public place to talk. With other people around, couples may be more motivated to stay calm and cordial in their discussion.