How much is too much? It is a question many people struggle with when they go out on the town with friends. It is easy to have one drink too many or to forget to factor in going home earlier than usual when calculating how many drinks to safely have for the night. 

While it is an understandable mistake, communities and law enforcement worry that, too often, it also becomes a deadly one. Because of this, in 2018, local law enforcement agencies in Texas participated in a DWI task force. Based on numerous news reports since then, the task force is still in effect. 

Initial effects in 2018 

In 2018, NBC DFW reported that the task force had arrested 300 people on charges for DWI. Authorities named prescription drugs, illicit substances and alcohol as the primary intoxicants. Some cases involved drivers accused of driving intoxicated by more than one substance. 

Statistics play a big role in this decision to target drivers for DWIs. Roughly 28% of road fatalities result from intoxicated driving. This led to 1,024 deaths in 2017 alone. 

Deciding how much is too much 

The Texas Department of Transportation recommends that people take a few things into consideration when deciding how much is too much: 

  • Bodyweight 
  • Eating habits 
  • Sex 

Women and people who have a more petite body type tend to become intoxicated more quickly than others. Skipping meals also intensifies the effect of alcohol. 

Many people are currently at home, but precautions are important at home too. An emergency may call for someone to get behind the wheel and police officers may issue a DWI regardless of the circumstances.