Although the holidays can be a time when families come together and catch up, this time of the year can be especially difficult for some people, such as those who recently went through a divorce and have a hostile ex. Whether someone’s former spouse has falsely accused them of domestic violence in an attempt to undermine their ability to secure custody or visitation rights, or they are dealing with other types of false accusations and gossip, this can put a damper on one’s ability to celebrate the holidays (if not destroy their holidays altogether). Moreover, in some cases, people may even have to see their ex at a holiday party.

The holiday season can be very tough when it comes to a bitter and hostile ex as a result of custody matters. For example, they may be upset with how custody has been arranged for the holidays, or someone may have to interact with their ex to discuss various custody issues that have come up during the holidays. This time of year can be stressful and chaotic enough, and it is unfortunate that many people have had to deal with an ex who is unwilling to cooperate, especially for those who may be worried about their child’s ability to enjoy the holidays.

If you are a parent, you should do what you can enjoy the holidays and help your child form positive memories. If your ex is being combative, you should try to protect yourself from false allegations and other hardships that may arise as a result of their behavior. This can be extremely hard, and our law office realizes how difficult this is for many people, but it is imperative to prevent these problems from shattering holiday celebrations.